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Ѵٻҧҧͻ .. 2514 ͷ 33 ࢵӺŻҴѧສ ѧѴʧ ҹ Թ ǧ 繪ǡҧ ҸóѰЪҪչ 38 Ǫ¹ʹҾطԡҹ ͧҨ ΧҢͧѴٻҧ ҷѡɳФªҧѹ˹价ȵѹ͡ 繷駷դ зطʹ觹ѡ


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ҡԹѴ͡ ж֧ͧ⶧˭дɰҹ⾸ѵǹ Ѵʺ ֡ ҡͧҡش ਴ͧ

þоط਴ͧѧҡҧ 7 ҳ 120 ҹҷ зؤú 80 ( ͻ .. 2547 ) ѺԹԨҤطʹԡ 㹻еҧ

਴ͧ 3 㹺dz鹷 1 ٧  9   ѡѧ ӹǹ 32 ¶֧ 觤 çҧվоطٻҴ  7 дɰҹ ¾⾸ѵǹҹ еѧҹ ྴҹաдǧͧʧԴ Ҽѧѡǻѵѡ͹ͧͧط

ǹ 2 繪鹻ԺѵԸ Ъ 3 վоطٻ׹Ǫع Шչѧ ѧѨ¹ ͧط дɰҹ觺dz 3 ਴ҷ٧  59 Ѻҡվоطٻѡ 7 ͧ ҧ˹ Тҧѧоط਴ ҧҹТվоطٻд͡ 7 ͡ з˹觨ҡҹ਴٧ 13 4 ͧ਴ ٧ 15 4 ͧ 9 ͧ

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ҡ¹ͧ ͧ ع Χ
( ԧ ) 12 ԧҤ 2004


The temple elephant.

Connected to the Thai border with Malaysia. He is one of the elephant. Thai temples that tourists, both Thais and foreigners alike to me. And an uninterrupted travel.

The elephant was built in 2514 on 33 acres of land located in Padang district in Sadao district, Songkhla Charles Abbot of San Mei Chen, formerly a native of Guangzhou, Shenzhen Shijiazhuang. People's Republic of China at the age of 38, was ordained Mahayana Buddhism. A pupil of his teacher Hui Heng name the source of a temple elephant, he is a mountain that looks like elephant facing east. Is located in the prosperity. Very suitable to propagate Buddhism.

The elephant was the first he had only a few huts and caves, 1 cave, large The abbot has improved and continues to work Sangkhla bold. To the present.

If anyone comes to his temple elephant. Doors must be measured with two elephants and one elephant stands waiting at the front desk. The bridge over the Chao Phraya Nak. To walk into the mouth of the cave. The Buddha image is 50 feet high ceilings in a spacious well-ventilated. Walking around the Buddha statue to the Great Hall. The caves at - large The stalagmites and stalactites. Compared to a little bridge, Lotus Cave, Guilin Sanskrit sounds. The cave where he was sitting. The quiet atmosphere suitable for meditation.

Then it traverses it. The shrine to the Great Hall Po Kuan animals. Breezy and cool. I never get bored living. If you look at it from this point. The main sanctuary was twenty thousand.

Thousand Buddha Temple Pagoda is widely after his 7-year construction period, a budget of 120 million baht, while the abbot of the age of 80 years (since 2547) by receiving donations Buddhists. In Thailand and abroad.

Thousand Buddha Temple Pagoda is divided into three layers within the first floor with dragon patterns carved pillars, 9 meters high, 32 trees, which means wealth in the middle of a 7-meter statue of Guan Yin Bodhisattva statue with the right. Junk hope the community is located on the left. Especially on the ceiling there, and the stars shining brightly. Wall carvings biography principle teachings of Jesus Seminar Samputt you.

The layer is a layer 2 and layer 3 practice the Buddha's Prain Liu Changchun. It seems that the modern family is the Feast of the United States and I Sangkat Science. And the Lord Buddha. Enshrined in the third floor of this tower, nine miles high, 59 meters from the ground with a carved Buddha 7 Buddha Buddhist pagoda in front and behind. The left and right, the Buddha and lotus flowers, and the seventh floor of the pagoda is 13 meters high and 4 was 15 meters high tower 4 to 9 whole body.

I was part of the pagoda is the marble sculpture of Buddha, 434 Buddha and carved marble. Bodhisattva Guan Yin of the body 84.


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